Guiding Principles

DPEM Guiding Principles document cover page. The Guiding Principles (as launched on 1 July 2012) have been established to shape our thinking and behaviours to help achieve our organisational goals now, and into the future. Adopting this approach will enhance our reputation as a progressive, inclusive organisation that strives for success.


  • A safe, secure and resilient Tasmania.


  • To deliver quality policing and emergency management services.


  • What we do and how we do it.

BEHAVIOURS > Behaviours reflect our values

Our values of Integrity, Equity and Accountability shape what we do, what we say and how we do our business.

  • Integrity: We value integrity because we believe in honest, professional, transparent and ethical behaviour in all aspects of our business.
  • Equity: We value equity because we believe in fair, consistent and inclusive behaviour when interacting with our people and our community.
  • Accountability: We value accountability because we believe in being answerable for our decisions and actions, behaving professionally and being responsible for our outcomes.

PRIORITIES > Leadership drives organisational priorities

Leadership at all levels will focus us on our People, Innovation and Business.


People: We strive for:

  • effective communication
  • workplace capacity
  • safe and healthy workplaces

because we value our people.


Innovation: We aspire to:

  • innovative opportunities and initiatives
  • lateral thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • effective and efficient development and use of resources and systems

because we value an organisation with innovation.


Business: We aim to:

  • continuously improve current business processes to enhance our service
  • develop business opportunities and processes to streamline and assist front-line service delivery
  • enhance collaboration, coordination and cooperation in key business ventures

because we believe in continually improving our business.

For further information view theDepartment of Police and Emergency Management ‘Guiding Principles’.