Rescue of a youth from Cataract Gorge

At 1.26pm today, a 9 year old boy from Roseville, Victoria was walking along the river edge at the Cataract Gorge, Launceston, west of the swinging bridge, with his family.  As he did, the youth has fallen and slipped into the river wedging his right leg underwater between two large rocks.  Neither the boy or his family were able to remove his foot and police were called for assistance.

Police along with specialists from Northern Police Search and Rescue and Ambulance Tasmania attended the scene. The youth was in pain could not be moved until he was medicated.  Once sufficiently comfortable his leg was manipulated and pulled from the rocks.   The boy remained in good spirits but has suffered a possible fracture to his lower right leg.

Up to 20 people, including members of the family and friends assisted with a stretcher carry of the youth back up to the walking track where he was then transported to the Launceston General Hospital for treatment.  The rescue took approximately two hours to perform.