Sunday, 6 January 2013 - 10:34am

Major priorities for Tasmania Police today continue to be the provision of support to the Tasmania Fire Service, as well as facilitating access to and from the Tasman Peninsula and clearing fire affected homes.

Up to 1000 people have been transported from the Tasman Peninsula via ferry to Hobart. The last ferry to leave Nubeena departed at about 2am this morning with 180 passengers. There remain about 1500 – 2000 people at Nubeena although it’s believed all people wishing to leave have now been evacuated.

A Rapid Impact Searching team will be working in the Dunalley region with about 60 police and Australian Defence Force personnel to determine whether there are any deceased people in properties, outbuildings or vehicles.

The focus today is on Dunalley, Marion Bay and the Boomer Bay areas, before moving to Connellys Marsh, Primrose Sands, Copping and Forcett. Aerial surveillance will be conducted to check more remote properties.

Phase two of that operation would involve a more comprehensive assessment to check whether it’s safe to allow people to return to their properties.

Police are sensitive to the needs of people wishing to return to undamaged properties and are working hard to facilitate access when safe.

Movement of food, generators and supplies continue to the Peninsula.

Police are aware of several concerns for welfare, including details posted on Facebook. We encourage people to record their details with the co-ordinated national phone number that has been established to register details of people either directly or indirectly affected by the ongoing Tasmania Bushfires.

The number is 1800 727 077.

Registrations are to be conducted through the National Registration and Inquiry Service (NRIS) either via telephone or on

Tasmania Police are encouraging people who have already provided their details at a Community Centre to ring the 1800 727 077 number to again register relevant details.

Anyone wishing to register an enquiry relating to a friend or relative they have been unable to contact due to the Tasmanian fires, is also requested to register their concerns on the above number.

The registrations are particularly relevant to those people who have relocated from their usual residence.

The purpose of NRIS is to record details of people who have been displaced by an emergency and to reunite concerned relative and friends with affected people.

Please note, this phone number is in addition to the 1800 567 567 hotline which has been established to provide information about the fire situation and support services.

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