Firearms Licences

The following information must be considered when applying for a firearms licence/permit:

  • The Firearms Act 1996 provides for a person to make application for a firearms licence under various categories.
  • To apply for a firearms licence you must be 18 years or over, and have a genuine reason for wanting a firearm, or have a need for a particular type of firearm.
  • It is mandatory that all firearms applications include evidence of the applicant’s identity on the Acceptable Methods of Identification form.
  • Firearms Licence Fees apply to all applications.
  • The minimum time for the processing of an application is 28 days from the date of application, after which time applicants will receive notification by mail.

Applications for the following can be made by contacting Firearms Services, Tasmania Police.

  • Firearms Dealers Licence
  • Firearms Heirloom Licence
  • Firearms Licence
  • Firearms Museum Licence
  • Minor’s Permit
  • Permit to Acquire a Firearm
  • Shooting Gallery, Rifle Club, Pistol Shooting Club or Range Approval (Annex B: Range Specification Requirements)