Licences – Obtaining or Renewing

The Firearms Act 1996 provides for a person to make application for a firearms licence under various categories.  Application forms are available in the forms and reference information section of this site or at any Service Tasmania outlet.

  • Provided a licence holder lodges a renewal application prior to the licence expiring or within 14 days after the expiry of the licence
  • and assuming that there are no issues identified during the vetting process
  • the licence does not expire and the licence holder will receive the new licence card in due course. 
  • That means, even though someone has an expired licence card, if their renewal has been lodged, their licence remains valid and shows as being valid on police systems.
  • If the application for renewal is not lodged prior to midnight on the 14th day after expiry, then the licence holder will be required to surrender their firearms.
  • After this time Firearms Services can no longer accept a renewal application. The expired licence holder may seek to apply for a new licence if desired.