Special Response and Counter-Terrorism Unit

On 12 September 2014 the Prime Minister announced the National Terrorism Public Alert Level has been increased to HIGH, from the previous level of MEDIUM.

Tasmanians can be reassured that Tasmania Police, as the lead agency for Counter-Terrorism preparedness and response in this State, is well prepared to respond to the increase in the National Terrorism Public Alert Level.

Together with other emergency response agencies, Tasmania Police is equipped with a range of specialist response capabilities, and participates in regular training activities and exercises. Tasmania is represented on the Australia New Zealand Counter-Terrorism Committee (ANZCTC) which ensures that effective and well-practiced domestic counter-terrorism capabilities are maintained.

In practical terms, Tasmanians may see an additional police presence around major public events, buildings and infrastructure.

The community should not be alarmed but should continue to be vigilant. Unusual or suspicious activity should be reported to the National Security Hotline 1800 1234 00 or the Police Assistance Line 131 444.

More information is available at www.nationalsecurity.gov.au the National Security Hotline 1800 1234 00, or TasALERT www.alert.tas.gov.au 

For assistance in a life threatening or time critical emergency call Triple Zero (000).

Special Response and Counter-Terrorism Unit

In Tasmania, the Special Response and Counter-Terrorism Unit (SRCTU) provide the focal point for Tasmanian Government counter-terrorism activities, and establish the arrangements for prevention, response and recovery in relation to terrorist threats.

The SRCTU has specific responsibility for:

  • Liaison with businesses, the Commonwealth Government and other State and Territory jurisdictions in relation to counter-terrorism issues
  • Provide research and policy advice on counter-terrorism and security-related issues to Government
  • Identify critical infrastructure and advise owner/operators in relation to risk assessment and risk management plans, including advice concerning places of mass gatherings of people.
  • Develop and manage a counter-terrorism exercise and training regime
  • Establish and maintain the capability to respond quickly and effectively to specific terrorist threats
  • Provide advice in respect to security sensitive hazardous materials (See below)
  • Monitor counter-terrorism intelligence

Advice to the community

Tasmanians should not be alarmed by the change in the Alert Level but should continue to be vigilant. Report any suspicious activity to the National Security Hotline 1800 1234 00 or the Police Assistance Line 131 444.

Visit www.alert.tas.gov.au and www.nationalsecurity.gov.au for information on the Alert Level and what it means for Tasmanians.

Advice to businesses and event organisers

Businesses and event managers should review and be prepared to activate your Business Continuity Plan (or similar plan).

Review your current security arrangements. Are you able to deploy additional security resources if required?

Advise key staff of the heightened Alert Level and security measures that may be implemented, including reporting suspicious behaviour to police on 131 444.

Ensure your contact details are registered with the SRCTU on 6173 2500.

Visit the Australian National Security Information for Business webpage for further information.