Women in counter-terrorism

Dr Maz Quilty, Principal Policy Officer in the Special Response and Counter-Terrorism CommandDr Marian (Maz) Quilty is responsible for Counter-Terrorism Policy in Tasmania Police (including its specialist capabilities), as well as the management and operation of the State Control Centre.

The work of Dr Quilty’s team involves outreach and liaison on issues relating to counter-terrorism with businesses, the owners and operators of critical infrastructure and crowded places,  Australian government agencies, other states and territories, as well as Tasmanian government agencies.

They research and provide policy advice and support on counter-terrorism related security to help stakeholders and the community become more resilient to the terrorist threat.

They do so many things quietly in the background to support and ensure Tasmania Police preparedness in community protection and safety-in a very complex and dynamic environment. There’s always something on the go in Special Response and Counter-Terrorism.

Above: Dr Maz Quilty, Principal Policy Officer in the Special Response and Counter-Terrorism Command.