AVL  Automatic Vehicle Location
 BAS  Breath Analysis Section
 BES  Business and Executive Services
 CPD  Continuing Professional Development
 DORS  Drug Offence Reporting System
 DPFEM  Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management
 DPP  Director of Public Prosecutions
 ED  Equity and Diversity
 EI  Early Identification
 ESCAD  Emergency Services Computer Aided Dispatch
 FVMS  Family Violence Management System
 FVO  Family Violence Order
 ICE  INTREPID Central Enquiry
 IDM  Integrated Data Management
 IPR  Individual Performance Report
 IRM  Internally Raised Matter
 LGBTI  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex
 OC  Oleoresin Capsicum
 OLC  Online Charging
 ORS  Offence Reporting System 2
 OSU  Operational Skills Unit
 PID  Public Interest Disclosure
 PFVO  Police Family Violence Order
 PIN  Police Infringement Notice
 PMP  Performance Management Plan
 PRB  Police Review Board
 RDS  Radio Dispatch Services
 SSE  State service employee
 TCRS  Traffic Crash Reporting System
 TOIL  Time off in lieu
 TPM  Tasmania Police Manual
 UOFR  Use of Force Report
 VID  Vehicle Immobilisation Device
  • References to the ‘Commissioner’ are the Commissioner of Police.
  • Unless otherwise stated, references to ‘legislation’ are Tasmanian legislation.