NDS policy outcome: People with disability, their families and carers have access to a range of support to assist them to live independently and actively engage in their communities.

This outcome includes inclusion and participation in the community, person-centred care and support provided by specialist disability services and mainstream services; informal care and support.

Where we are:

We have already:

  • Raised funds for those with disability through Tasmania Police Charity Trust Events. In December 2017, $44,000 was raised and donated equally to the charities ‘SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY’ and ‘Variety – the Children’s Charity’

We will continue to:

  • Fundraise to support nominated charities and disadvantaged individuals in Tasmania


Number: 4.1
Output/brief description: Undertake fundraising to support people with disability through Tasmania Police Charity Trust events.
Outcome: Raise money for individuals and groups supporting those with disability.
Who (lead): Tasmania Police Charity Trust.
Key dates/milestones: The 2018 Tasmania Police Charity Trust Bike Ride is scheduled for November – December 2018 and has confirmed New Horizons as a recipient.
Comments: Nil.