NDS policy outcome: People with disability attain highest possible health and wellbeing outcomes throughout their lives

This outcome includes health services, health promotion and the interaction between health and disability systems; wellbeing and enjoyment of life.

Where we are:

We have already:

  • Provided Train the Trainer Mental Health First Aid training to two DPFEM staff members who are now Mental Health First Aid Instructors
  • Trained 167 staff in Mental Health First Aid since 2016

We will continue to:

  • Provide access to the Australian Government website mindhealthconnect, which provides mental health and wellbeing information (on topics including depression and anxiety)
  • Have both Mental Health First Aid Instructors co-present to each Police Recruit Course

Emerging issues:

  • The capacity of the two current Mental Health First Aid Instructors is being reviewed by the Department.


Number: 6.1
Output/brief description: Deliver Mental Health First Aid courses to DPFEM employees across the State.
Outcome: Minimum 153 staff receive Certificate of Accreditation as a Standard Mental Health First Aider per year.
Who (lead): Southern Welfare Officer.
Key dates/milestones: Ongoing – yearly targets.
Comments: Nil.

Number: 6.2
Output/brief description: Development of the Wellness Program for emergency first responders (as well as DPFEM and Ambulance Tasmania Staff) with clear considerations to employees with a disability.
Outcome: Through consultation, identify specific health outcomes for persons with a disability.
Who (lead): Project Manager, Wellness Program.
Key dates/milestones: Needs analysis stage of Project completed by September 2018.
Comments: Unable to identify a specific outcome as it relates to consultation.  May include access to a specific service or specialist referral services.