Community Alerts

Road Status Due To Fire – Mt Anne / Lake Pedder Area

The following roads are closed in the Mount Anne/Lake Pedder area due to fire:

  • Clearhill Road
  • Florentine Road
  • Lake Dobson Road
  • Morley Track
  • Mount Wedge Track
  • Mueller Road
  • Sawback Track
  • Styx Road
  • Scotts Peak Road 
    • The closure of Scotts Peak Road Maydena from Gordon River Road has been downgraded to level 3 access only.
    • The following persons only may now enter the areas:
      • Residents returning to their homes
      • Recovery and/or aid agencies
      • Persons approved by the incident controller
      • Essential services
      • Staff and guests of the Pedder Wilderness Lodge
      • Aardvark Adventures guests
      • Apiarists

Members of the public are to avoid the areas around these roads unless absolutely necessary and are not to travel on or enter on to any of the roads mentioned.

The areas listed are subject to thick smoke, falling embers and fire.  Emergency services including heavy vehicles and aircraft are operating there and members of the public entering these areas may hamper operations and/or place themselves at risk.