Community Alerts

Road Conditions – 15 July 2024

In winter months Tasmanian roads are subject to frost, ice and snow, care should be taken on elevated and shaded roads.

Particular care should be exercised on the West Coast of Tasmania which is regularly subject to thick ice and snow.


Road Closures due to snow/ice/frost:

Pinnacle Road, Mount Wellington is closed at The Springs due to current weather conditions.


Road Closures due to flooding:

Kid Brook Road, Sorell.

Pawleena Road, Sorell from Cole Street to Madison Lyden Park.

Shrub End Road, Sorell.

Flood Road Huonville



Current Roads affected by ice and/or snow:

Cradle mountain tourist road – Ice found between Moina and Bull creek, in
between twin creeks and Iris river

Highland Lakes Road – Liffey to Marlborough – ice patches

Lake Dobson Tourist Road – light snow

Lyell Highway – ice patches from Bronte Lagoon to Derwent Bridge.

Marlborough Road – light snow throughout.

Poatina Road – Highland Lakes road to Poatina village – ice patches and snow.