Community Alerts

Run the Bridge event – Sunday 17 February – Tasman Bridge CLOSED from 7-9am

On Sunday 17 February the 2019 Bank of Us Run the Bridge event will be held in Bellerive and Hobart.

**The Tasman Bridge will be closed from 7-9am (emergency vehicles only). 

**Any queries about the event or road closures should be directed to the event organisers on 1300 976 049 

The 10km event will commence at Blundstone Arena (Bellerive Oval) at 7.25am and 7:30am. A shorter, 5km event will commence on Tasman Bridge near pole 42 (Eastern side) at 8.00am and follow the same course as the 10km event. Both the 10km and 5km events will conclude outside Princess Wharf No1 on Castray Esplanade.

There will be a 1km children’s event held on Castray Esplanade which will commence at 9:30am and it is anticipated that Castray Esplanade will re-open at 10.30am at the conclusion of all three events.

Pursuant to Section 56A of the Vehicle and Traffic Act 1999, Tasmania Police advise of the temporary closing of the following streets to facilitate this event between 7.00am and 10.30am:

  • Derwent Street;
  • Victoria Esplanade, Bellerive between Bellerive Beach and Clarence Street;
  • Cambridge Road, Bellerive between Clarence Street and Rosny Hill Road.  However, over this section of Cambridge Road one lane in either direction will operate;
  • Alma Street, Bellerive between Cambridge Road and Kangaroo Bay Drive;
  • Rosny Hill Road, Bellerive between Cambridge Road and the Tasman Highway;
  • Riawena Road, Montagu Bay between Bastick Street and Rosny Hill Road and Conara Road and the Tasman Highway;
  • the slip road leading from Montagu Bay Road to Tasman Highway/Rosny Hill Road, Rosny;
  • Leprena Street between Conara Road and Riawena Road;
  • Tasman Bridge will be closed for all east and west bound traffic with the exception of Emergency Vehicles Only;
  • East Derwent Highway, Rosny south and west bound traffic will be diverted to Tasman Highway only;
  • Tasman Highway, Rosny will be diverted to East Derwent Highway;
  • Domain Highway from the Brooker Highway (Cloverleaf) under Tasman Bridge to Brooker Highway/Davey Street;
  • Lower Domain Road between Upper Domain Road and Tasman Highway , Hobart;
  • Tasman Highway, Hobart between Brooker Highway/Macquarie Street for north bound traffic. Traffic will be diverted to Brooker Avenue;
  • Bathurst Street, Hobart at Brooker Highway (Railway roundabout) will be diverted northbound on Brooker Highway;
  • Aberdeen Street at the intersection with Liverpool Street;
  • Liverpool Street between Brooker Highway and Tasman Highway.
  • Evans Street, Hobart between Davey Street and Hunter Street;
  • Franklin Wharf, Hobart between Hunter Street and Morrison Street;
  • Morrison Street, Hobart between Murray Street and Franklin Wharf, East bound only; and
  • Castray Esplanade, Hobart between Gladstone Street and Princess Park entry.

Advice to motorists:

  • The Tasman Bridge is expected to be closed to all traffic from 7.00am to 9.00am;
  • Kangaroo Bay Drive and Pembroke Street, Bellerive will have no entry or exit during this event;
  • Traffic wishing to use Rosny Hill Road to the Tasman Bridge will be diverted to Gordons Hill Road and East Derwent Highway to use Bowen Bridge for access to Hobart and the western shore;
  • No vehicles will be permitted access to the Tasman Bridge from Hobart or Rosny side.  This will affect heavy vehicles, which usually use this route.  Heavy vehicles should use Brooker Highway;
  • Residents on the event route wishing to enter or exit during the event should park their vehicles off the route.

Vehicular and pedestrian traffic wanting to travel on or cross the event route will be affected.

Police, Traffic Controllers and Authorised Marshalls will be in attendance to manage traffic and will stop or direct traffic away from the event route.

Motorists are asked to take particular care in and around the runners/walkers.