Next Generation Policing Report

The State Government committed to tasking Tasmania Police with a Workforce Planning Analysis review to identify future service delivery requirements and assess the changing operating environment.

This was undertaken by conducting a Capability Review and included consultation with the workforce and Police Association of Tasmania, examining existing practices within Tasmania Police, consultation with Australian and New Zealand policing jurisdictions, reviewing Australian and international literature as well engagement with the University of Tasmania.

The outcome is a report, Next Generation Policing, which identifies a range of capabilities and recommendations to consider in relation to future requirements across a range of capabilities.

The report recognises Tasmania Police as a high-quality police service that has been successful in delivering on its core mandate – keeping Tasmanians safe – over a long period of time. However, the report makes observations about the increasingly complex operating environment, including a more globalised digital and connected environment for crime.

The report is intended to complement other considerations by Tasmania Police to refine service delivery and shape its strategic planning so that policing in Tasmania remains fit for purpose and fit for the future.   It will now form part of our planning process over the next five years and beyond.

The report summarises the findings and a number of future capability gaps or desired capabilities to meet future service delivery organised around five themes:

  1. Capability Focused Business and Two-tiered Police Staffing Model
  2. Preventative Policing
  3. Flexible Work Practices
  4. Rural Community Safety Model
  5. Investigations and Intelligence

The review also recommended that a Crime Command District be established to facilitate the strategic management of crime investigation and intelligence on a state-wide basis.

The Crime and Intelligence Command commenced on 1 July 2020 and is divided into three targeted crime divisions; Serious Crime Support, E-Crime Investigation Services and State Intelligence Service, with a Commander appointed to oversee the new Command.

The Crime and Intelligence Command will enable Tasmania Police to better coordinate specialist resources to investigate crime.  This will allow for greater support to the three District crime and drug investigation areas and provide an enhanced ability to combat organised crime, firearm trafficking, serious drug distribution, child exploitation and serious financial crime.


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