How do I know if I need a National Police Record Check?

Tasmania Police cannot advise which type of check you require.

It is the choice of the individual or organisation requiring the information.

People requiring a Working with Children and Vulnerable People Card should check here.

Applicants for a Security Agent’s Licence or a Public Vehicle Licence should check the relevant websites for information on the National Police Check requirements.

Persons applying for a Restricted Licence should contact their local court

Is there an age limit to obtain a Police Record Check?

No. But if you are under sixteen years of age your guardian will be required to witness the application.

What will appear on my Police Record Check?

Tasmania Police releases police record information in accordance with the Annulled Convictions Act 2003 based on the accepted definition of a conviction. The release of records obtained from another Australian police jurisdiction may be governed by legislation and/or release policy within that jurisdiction. The following is a brief outline of what may appear on your Police History Record Check. For more information please refer to the release guidelines.

Option 1 – Schedule 1 Record

  • Details of all findings of guilt will be released including youth justice offences.
  • Informal and diversionary cautions will not appear on the record.
  • All Tasmania based Traffic Infringement Notices will be released.

Option 2 – Annulled Record

  • Minor convictions that meet certain requirements will be annulled and not appear on the record provided.
  • All sexual offences and convictions that received more than 6 months imprisonment cannot be annulled and will appear.
  • All relevant Tasmania based Traffic Infringement Notices will be released.

If a record of Traffic Infringements from other jurisdictions is required, the individual should contact the Department of Transport or Transport/Traffic section of the Police in the relevant jurisdiction.

How much will a Police Record Check cost?

Please refer to the fees and charges for the current price structure.

Why do I need to provide proof of identity?

Tasmania Police seeks to ensure the privacy and security of personal information. Information regarding an individual’s police record will not be released outside the sphere of law enforcement, without the consent of the person.

Along with your completed application form, individuals are required to submit 100 points of identity, including at least one copy of photo ID.  Copies of acceptable forms of identification must be certified by a Commissioner of Declarations or Justice of the Peace.  A maximum of 2 forms of the same type of ID will be accepted (i.e. maximum of two utility notices).

The values of acceptable forms of identity have been developed in accordance with the Tasmanian Government’s Access and Identity Management Toolkit.

If you are unable to meet the criteria on the application form, please contact Criminal History Services.

How does an organisation obtain Police Record Checks for volunteers?

An organisation that utilises volunteers may be eligible to access a reduced fee for a National Police Record Check. All applications are assessed against approved criteria. Volunteers must not receive any payment for work and the work must be for charitable or community service benefit. For more information on the eligibility for a reduced fee, refer to the Concession Rate for National Police Record Checks.

Is this the correct form to complete when applying for registration as a teacher, for employment in a state school or for a gaming licence?

No. Applications for the above should be made directly through the Teachers Registration Board, the Department of Education or the Department of Treasury as applicable.

Do I need to have my fingerprints taken to get a Police Record Check?

No, the identification information requested is normally sufficient to conduct a Police Record Check. The organisation requesting the information may however require you to undergo a fingerprint check for your employee or regulatory requirements, or for reasons such as a visa for overseas travel or emigration. A fingerprint check is subject to increased fees and charges and requires you to attend a police station to have your fingerprints taken.

Do I need a Police Record Check for my visa application?

Tasmania Police is unable to provide advice regarding visa requirements. Please check with the relevant Embassy or the Australian Federal Police website.

How long is my Police Record Check valid for?

Your Police Record Check is correct as of the date released, however, there may be a small delay in transferring court outcomes onto police records. It is the determination of the organisation or employer as to the length of time the record remains valid.

If I am living outside of Tasmania can I apply for a Police Record Check?

A national service level agreement means that we can only undertake a National Police Record Check if you reside in Tasmania, or if the organisation you will be working for is based in Tasmania. National Police Record Checks will not be sent to overseas addresses.

If you are a resident in another jurisdiction and require a National Police Record Check for purposes in that jurisdiction you must contact your local police. If you live overseas and require an Australian National Police Record Check please visit the Australian Federal Police website.

If I am living outside of Tasmania can someone apply on my behalf?

You must complete and sign the application yourself unless someone else has the authorised Power of Attorney. Certified copies of the relevant documentation must be included with the application.

What if the information on my Police Record Check is incorrect?

Tasmania Police endeavours to ensure that all records released are up-to-date and accurate. If, for any reason you disagree with the results of your Police Record Check you must outline your concerns in writing and direct it to Criminal History Services, along with any supporting documentation.