Police Statistics

Statistical Spreadsheets

The statistical spreadsheets are updated monthly and report on the most significant police indicators by financial year, rolling twelve-month periods, and monthly. Statistics are provided at the state and police district level. Crime indicators are also provided at the police division and local government area (LGA) level.

Statistics per population rate are provided for all indicators and clearance rates are provided for crime indicators. Please refer to the Explanatory Notes below for more information including district and division boundaries.

Crime Statistics

Statistics reporting on Tasmania’s crime rate, which count offences. Indicators are sourced from the Tasmania Police Offence Reporting System 2.

Tasmania Police Crime Statistics – StateTasmania Police Crime Statistics – DistrictTasmania Police Crime Statistics – DivisionTasmania Police Crime Statistics – LGA

Offenders Statistics

Statistics reporting on offenders proceeded against by Tasmania Police, by court action, youth caution, infringement notice or other proceeding type. Indicators are sourced from multiple Tasmania Police Systems.

Tasmania Police Offenders Statistics – State

Tasmania Police Offenders Statistics – District

Other Statistics

All other key police indicators excluding Crime and Offenders. Included are indicators relating to:

  • Dispatch
  • Patrol
  • Family Violence
  • Violence Orders
  • Crashes
  • Alcohol and Drug Testing of Drivers

Tasmania Police Other Statistics – State

Tasmania Police Other Statistics – District

Explanatory Notes

Tasmania Police Statistics Explanatory Notes

Other Police Statistical Sources

Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management Corporate Performance Report – a monthly internal performance report, released publicly as a routine Right to Information disclosure.

Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management Crime Statistics Supplement – an annual review of crime statistics in the financial year, originally an Appendix in the Department’s Annual Report.

Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management Annual Report