Reporting Fraud

Bank or Financial Institution:

If you believe the security of your bank account has been compromised or you receive text messages, phone calls or emails asking for confirmation of personal banking details, contact your local branch directly to report the matter. Always confirm the contact details of your bank via reliable means such as previous bank statements or your bank website never respond to numbers and addresses supplied by suspect enquirers.


If you are the victim of a scam there is little that we can do to recover your money however the names of the scammers will be passed to other organisations who may be able to help. We furthermore advise you to stop sending money immediately. If you have been victimised, please don’t be embarrassed! Literally hundreds of other people have been scammed in similar ways. It is important to put this to one side and report the matter via the on-line ACCC website. ACCC Scamwatch Scam Reporting Form

Australian Cyber Security Centre:

For information on how to recognise and avoid common forms of cybercrime (such as hacking, online scams, online fraud, identity theft and attacks on computer systems) as well as advice for those who have fallen victim visit is a national online system that allows the public to securely report instances of cybercrime. Please be aware that not all reports will be referred or investigated. Domestic/family violence matters whether current, historical or possible breaches of orders are NOT to be referred to Please contact your local police station or in urgent matters call ‘000’.

Tasmania Police:

If you believe you are a victim of fraud or theft you can report the matter to your local police station with the relevant evidence in person, or call 131 444.

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The following specific types of fraud can also be reported to the following bodies: