Report Cybercrime

If you believe you have been a victim of an online crime please refer to the Australian Government online reporting website –

Ensure you record as much evidence as you can prior to making your report.

Reporting here ensures that the impact of cybercrime on Australian citizens is accurately captured and information regarding trends and warnings can be publicised in a timely manner.

Reports may be referred to the relevant police jurisdiction for further assessment.

Identity theft and ‘phishing’

Be cautious of communication online via email or other social media applications that ask you to provide personal information, open attachments or log in to unknown websites or that a ‘problem’ has been detected with your devices, software or accounts.

‘Phishing’ is a method used by cyber-criminals to obtain your personal details by deceiving you into thinking they are from a legitimate source. For example, emails or texts posing as a bank or government agency requiring you to log into your account by clicking on a link they have sent you.

If you receive random requests for log in details, always check with the organisation or business via their public website details and phone contact. Never click on the clink or reply to the suspicious email or text.

If you have clicked on a link relating to payments and are concerned notify your bank or financial institution for assistance.

It’s important to note that your device (phone or computer) may have also been compromised, contact an IT professional for advice.

You can also visit for advice if you believe your personal information has been compromised.

Online shopping/auction fraud/fake donation sites

Use precautions to minimise online fraud committed using online shopping or auction sites. Do your research on the website, item and the seller. It is advisable to use a secure payment (escrow) method rather than accept advice from the seller. Never provide confidential or financial information via email.  The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) provide information for using online shopping and auctions sites.

Unfortunately, during times of tragedy or loss criminals can sometimes also take advantage of the good will of others and create fake donation web pages. Please ensure before you send any money you do your research on the cause you are donating to. Talk to others and report any suspicious donation requests.

Monitor and protect your bank accounts by checking statements and confirming details before transferring funds. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) webpage provides useful advice regarding your right and obligations for unauthorised and mistaken transactions.

Please note that the primary aim of law enforcement agencies is to prosecute offenders – this does not mean that you will necessarily get your money back. Unfortunately, with most scams the money has gone overseas or has already been disposed of by the offenders and there is nothing left. The best protection is education.

Due to the varying types of frauds committed there are several dedicated agencies that may be able to assist. Some useful links are:

The following specific types of fraud can also be reported to the following bodies:

Cyber-bullying/offensive or abusive content

With so many social media platforms available and it is important to be mindful that what is said and done online can be far reaching and once circulated – cannot be retracted. The effects of cyber-bullying and offensive behaviour online can be devastating.

If you feel you have been affected, you should report the content to the social media provider in the first instance.

Help and support

Please visit for advice and useful educational tools particularly for children and parents.

You can also report via

Organisations such as Lifeline Australia ( or  phone 13 11 14) and BeyondBlue (  or phone 1300 22 4636) offer counselling and support.

Police reporting

If you believe you are in immediate danger contact 000

All other general police enquiries can be made by phoning 131 444

Matters involving family violence or child safety, even if it was committed online, cannot be reported on ReportCyber. Please contact your local police station on 131 44