Application for Assistance

>> Download: Application for Assistance form (.dotx 58kb)

You can apply for assistance by completing the attached Application for Assistance form.  The completed form will enable the Board to be cognisant of the circumstances of an individual, and will provide information such as why assistance is requested, and what is considered would improve the individual’s wellbeing.  It may be that a particular item is considered suitable to improve the mobility, health and wellbeing of an individual.  The completed form will only be provided to Board members and therefore protection of privacy is assured.

Approval for funding and/or assistance will only be extended to members of the Tasmanian community.  Funding will not be provided therefore for interstate or national projects.  The Trust aims to provide broad assistance to disadvantaged members of the Tasmanian community only.

To apply for assistance:

  • Complete the Application for Assistance form to the best of your knowledge
  • Attach a support letter from a teacher, therapist, medical practitioner, social worker or any other professional person who is cognisant of the needs of the individual/family and who can support the application
  • Provide the completed form, with the support letter attached, to a police officer in your area
  • The police officer will liaise with the Tasmania Police Charity Trust and forward the form on your behalf.