Cerebral Palsy Mobile Phone Appeal

Tasmania Police Charity Trust Annual Cerebral Palsy Tasmania Mobile Phone Appeal. Images display phone donation from Acting Commissioner Darren Hine to Cerebral Palsy Tasmania CEO, Kevin Kreiner on 4 May 2010.How much is your old mobile phone worth?

Constable Leigh Devine recently found out that a collection of old mobile phones could have far more value than he ever thought possible.

After reading an article in the local paper regarding a company which donated funds to Cerebral Palsy for recycled phones, Constable Devine initiated a police collection of old mobile phones.

The phones, collected by Cerebral Palsy, are sent to the Aussie Recycling Program, which donates $5 to Cerebral Palsy for each phone it receives.

The Chairman of the Tasmania Police Charity Trust handed over the impressive collection of 1,050 old mobile phones to an astounded CEO, of Cerebral Palsy Tasmania, Mr Kevin Kreiner. The Tasmania Police Charity Trust collection had an estimated value of $5,050 to Cerebral Palsy Tasmania. Mr Kreiner expressed his sincere gratitude on behalf of Cerebral Palsy and made special mention of the effort of those involved in the collection.

Since the inception of this program, The Tasmania Police Charity Trust has again conducted a mobile phone handover ceremony to support Cerebral Palsy Tasmania. On 4 May 2010 the Trust again met with Mr Kevin Kreiner to hand over 1,300 phones worth more than $6,500 to Cerebral Palsy Tasmania. The phones were collected from various government departments, the Royal Hobart Hospital, Telstra Shops Glenorchy and Eastlands, the Port Arthur Historic Site, and many Tasmania Police personnel.

The Tasmania Police Charity Trust has pleasure in continuing its Recycling Program and invite you to forward your old unwanted phone to the Charity Trust in order to support this worthwhile initiative. A handover ceremony is scheduled to occur on an annual basis.

(4 May 2010)