Follow the life of a Guide Dog Puppy

Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania’s new guide dog puppies, supported by the Tasmania Police Chairty Trust, have now commenced their rigorous training regime.

Progress updates will be provided below on the trials and tribulations of training.

Tasmania Police Charity Trust image of Dexter the yellow Labrador. Dexter is a new guide dog recruit with Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania and is wearing a blue guide dog jacker with an ‘L’ plate and a Charity Trust logo.Dexter the Guide Dog

Dexter the yellow labrador, is an older trainee guide dog who fits into the special blue guide dog jacket embroidered with the Tasmania Police Charity Trust logo.




Tasmania Police Charity Trust image of Constable Leigh Devine with Royal Guide Dog puppies.The arrival of two new guide dog puppies – Pedro and Parker

On Wednesday, 22 December 2010 Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania had great pleasure in presenting two of their gorgeous new guide dog puppies – eight week old black Labrador puppy Pedro and yellow Labrador puppy Parker.

Pedro and Parker are the first of four puppies (all from an interstate registered Guide Dog breeding program) to arrive in Tasmania, purchased from Tasmania Police Charity Trust donations.

Members of Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania, the Tasmania Police Charity Trust and media welcomed Pedro and Parker, who enjoyed all the attention immensely (see pictures of Constable Leigh Devine pictured with the guide dog puppies). At various stages Parker enjoyed sitting in Constable Devine’s police hat whilst Pedro enjoyed riding on his shoulder.

Pedro and Parker will live for the next 16 months with volunteer Puppy Raisers in Blackmans Bay and the Eastern Shore, who will socialise them and ensure the development of good behaviour. They will then be trained for six months by Guide Dog Instructor Kim Ryan who has the task of ensuring they have the necessary behaviour and orientation skills to assist vision impaired Tasmanians.

The CEO of Royal Guide Dogs Tasmania, Mr Dan English, said to media that “The Tasmania Police Charity Trust Puppy Love sponsorship can provide independence, confidence and companionship to a blind or vision impaired Tasmanian.”

You may be lucky enough to see Pedro and Parker being socialised during their walks around the Hobart area.