Speech Pathology for Louisa

Tasmania Police Charity Trust image of a Tasmania Police Officer with Louisa Nielsen in a police vehicle on 23 August 2010. Louise received a donation of several Speech Pathology Sessions from the Charity Trust. Photograph courtesy of the Mercury, 24 August 2010. Members of the Tasmania Police Charity Trust had the great pleasure of meeting Louisa Nielsen aged 6 years, and her mother, Wendy Nielsen on Monday, 23 August 2010.

Louisa suffered a seizure with an initial prognosis that she would never walk, talk or see again. On the day Charity Trust members met Louisa, she was a bright and happy little girl, walking around the Kingston Beach Health Centre, interacting with her Speech Pathologist, Catherine Silcock and making friends with Buff the Police Dog Puppy. Even though she couldn’t quite see Buff, she loved his soft cuddly texture. Constable Sandy Kregor was also in attendance, allowing Louisa to play with her police hat and police car (see photo as published on page 1 of
The Mercury, Tuesday 24 August 2010).

Louisa has monthly speech therapy sessions and is progressing well. She can vocalise sounds and even say a few words like ‘dinner’ and ‘car’. She even managed to say ‘Buff’!

The Charity Trust has paid for Louisa to continue her speech therapy sessions until the end of 2010, with her progress highlighting the benefits that can be achieved through continued therapy.

(23 August 2010)

Update – Charity Trust extend their generosity for speech pathology sessions for Louisa

The Charity Trust had originally paid for Louisa’s speech therapy sessions until the end of 2010, but are pleased to double that commitment by presenting a further cheque to the Nielsen family. The Charity Trust surprised Mrs Wendy Nielsen and Louisa at a morning tea held in their honour at the Kingston Police Station, on 13 October 2010.  Wendy and Louisa thought they were just coming in to have a chat with Constable Sandy Kregor and were amazed when they were presented with a further Charity Trust cheque.

Wendy was thrilled that the Charity Trust had again approved another cheque which represented extra speech pathology sessions for Louisa.  In an interview with the Kingborough Chronicle Wendy stated “we don’t get any other funding, and it means that Louisa can attend the speech therapy sessions on a more regular basis”.  The more regular sessions are important, as Louisa’s excellent progress highlights the benefits that can be achieved through continued speech therapy.

The Charity Trust are pleased to be able to provide this second cheque to the Nielsen family, and wish Louisa well with her continued speech therapy in 2011.

(13 October 2010)