Assistance to a 15 year old boy

The Tasmania Police Charity Trust were recently advised of a 15 year old boy (name retained) who urgently needed assistance in order to travel to Melbourne to have a replacement eye fitted.  His current false eye was incorrectly fitted, which not only looked unsightly and was causing embarrassment, but also caused him to be the subject of bullying at school.  The family had been advised that a new eye would cost $1,240 and that the surgery would need to be done in Melbourne.  The procedure would therefore mean that the family would need to pay for flights, accommodation and all other travel expenses, all of which the family could not afford.

One of the Tasmania Police Charity Trust’s Board Members, Sergeant Anthony Peters, was tasked to investigate whether any of the travel arrangements and/or surgery could be funded through any Tasmanian Government sources in the first instance.  It took a lot of time, patience and diligence for Sergeant Peters to sort through the multitude of conflicting advice provided by various sources.  By maintaining his focus on assisting the boy involved, he was finally rewarded with the vital contact and information required.  The boy has since been referred to the Opthomology Department at the Royal Hobart Hospital where he will be looked after – all his travel and operation expenses will be covered which is of great financial assistance to the family involved.  Although in this instance the Tasmania Police Charity Trust did not extend a financial assistance, it was only through the efforts of Sergeant Anthony Peters working on behalf of the Trust, that the boy involved was able to be assisted.  The family had initially been advised that there was no financial assistance available to them and the procedure appeared to be outside of the realms of possibility for them.  A successful and happy outcome was achieved only through Trust sponsored efforts.

(June 2011)