Assistance to Gavin and Rowan Seward

The difficulties faced by the Seward family were brought to our attention by Brigade Chief Michael Armstrong of Longford Fire Station and Constable Leigh Bailey of the Longford Police Station.  Gavin (14 years) and Rowan (16 years) both suffer from Danons Disease, as do their mother.  Both boys will soon require heart transplants and will need a lot of care, attention and financial assistance for the future surgery, rehabilitation and general well-being.  Constable Leigh Bailey got behind the cause with enthusiasm; keen to assist a local Longford family by conducting a raffle.  A barbeque and raffle was held in honour of the Seward family on Sunday, 18 December 2011.  Constable Leigh Bailey was delighted that so many people turned out for the event and that $5,500 was raised from the raffle, trivia nights and highway collections.  The Tasmania Police Charity Trust also had pleasure in extending a donation of $2,000 to the Seward family, being keen to assist a family who were obviously struggling to cope with the impact of this debilitating disease.

The attached photo shows Brigade Chief Michael Armstrong, with Sergeant Nick Clark of Longford Police Station, together with spokesperson for the family, Jodi Beveridge with Rowan, Gavin and Fiona Seward at the barbecue held in Longford.  The photo is courtesy of The Country Courier, Longford.

The Tasmania Police Charity Trust extend our best wishes to Gavin, Rowan and their Mum, Ms Fiona Seward, and hope that 2012 will be a better year for them all.  We hope that there will be at least some respite from their illnesses and that the family can share some happy times together.

(December 2011)
Gavin and Rowan Seward, recipients of Charity Trust support in December 2011.