Assistance to Thomas Beard

Thomas suffers from spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy caused by bleeding on the brain and has recently been diagnosed with epilepsy.  Sergeant Fiona Smith, a Tasmania Police Charity Trust Board member, recently heard about Thomas and enquired with the family how the Charity Trust might be able to assist Thomas.  It was deemed the most appropriate way would be to purchase a health care bed.

The Beard family took delivery of a new automated health care bed on 1 February 2011 which will provide Thomas the ability to sleep a little easier. The bed has also assisted his mum and dad, Kathy and Kevin Beard, who previously had to make a bed using a doona and pillows, as Thomas was unable to lie down flat.  As Thomas grows the new bed will still be suitable as it will last well into adulthood.  The new bed will be a feature in the Beard’s new home, which has better facilities for Thomas’ needs, including a larger bedroom and a more appropriate bathroom.

Sergeant Fiona Smith and her trusty dog ‘Teddy’ enjoyed visiting the Beard family on the day the bed was presented to Thomas.  Thomas absolutely loved ‘Teddy’ and also loved the two Buff Police Dog Puppies which were presented to him on the day.

(As featured in the Advocate Newspaper on Wednesday, 2 February 2011).

(2 February 2011)