Assistance to Haylee and Rubee

Rubee suffered from a rare chromosomal disorder, had congenital glaucoma and other physical disabilities.

In November 2012, Rubee’s therapists determined that as Rubee suffered from seizures and was listed as at-risk of ‘Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy’, an EMFIT Epilepsy Sensor Mat, would greatly assist both Rubee and her Mum Haylee.  An EMFIT Epilepsy Sensor Mat is placed under a mattress, monitors seizures and detects sleep apnoea (lack of breathing), sounding an alarm in the event of a seizure or apnoea.  Consequently, a request for assistance was forwarded to the Tasmania Police Charity Trust to purchase the item, valued at $789.  The Tasmania Police Charity Trust Board immediately understood the urgency, approved the request, and organised for the payment and shipping of the item to the family home.

Rubee was able to utilise the Mat for a few weeks, but unfortunately she continued to suffer from decreasing health.  Unfortunately, Rubee (7 years) passed away peacefully in December 2012.

(December 2012)