Assistance to Olivia Banks-Smith

The Tasmania Police Charity Trust had great pleasure in assisting five and a half month old Olivia Banks-Smith, daughter of Constable Joanne Banks-Smith and her husband Ben.

Members of the Trust have had the opportunity to meet Olivia on a few occasions.  Olivia is as bright as a button, has smiles for everyone, and is an absolute joy.  Olivia however does need surgery to correct her skull; a procedure known as ‘extended strip craniectomy’.  This means that the bones in her skull which fused at birth need to be separated in order to allow correct growth of the brain.

The Trust extended a donation of $2,000 towards this surgery, which is scheduled for 31 October 2012 in Melbourne, when Olivia will be ten months old.  After the surgery Olivia will need a follow-up appointment with her neurosurgeon and plastic surgeon, then she will be over her medical problems and be even brighter and happier than before.

The Trust wish Olivia all the best for her upcoming surgery, and look forward to catching up with her after all her treatments.

(June 2012)

Olivia Banks-Smith picutred with Buff the Police Dog.