Charity Trust Bike Ride 2012

Charity Trust Bike Ride 2012> For Down Syndrome Tasmania and the Heart Foundation Tasmania

The Annual Tasmania Police Charity Trust Bike Ride for 2012 raised an astounding $50,000; a great achievement for all of the participants involved, and the largest tally to date!  It was decided this year to split the funds between two worthy Tasmanian organisations. To this effect, Down Syndrome Tasmania and the Heart Foundation Tasmania, received $25,000 each.   This is the third occasion Down Syndrome Tasmania has been a beneficiary of the Bike Ride; with a total of $75,000 raised for this organisation over a period of five years.  As such, at the conclusion of the 2012 Bike Ride, in a most moving ceremony, Down Syndrome Tasmania recognised the coordinator of the Bike Ride, Constable Richard Douglas, as a Life Member.

The 2012 Bike Ride started out at the Spreyton Recreational Ground car park. Riders stood in awe of the new specifically built bike trailer for the charity ride (and donated to the Charity Trust). The trailer proudly displays the Charity Trust logo and clearly showed itself to be the trailer that would make this year’s ride the safest yet.

56 riders and 11 support crew had a big day ahead of them, and the sun shone brightly upon them all; a little too brightly some may say, as they liberally applied sun screen and filled water bottles.

Day one saw the riders travel the back roads of the North West and then skirt around the base of the Central Plateau before turning up towards Poatina, and the inevitable long climb to the top. Stories of the climb have been told, retold and exaggerated, but they’ve all got one common theme. IT WAS HARD.

After a restful night at Poatina Village, riders prepared to travel to Triabunna, and again a hill stood between them and their destination. Lake Leake provided a nice long climb and then a fun, fast, 13km long descent to reward the riders’ efforts. All worth it with the roll along the scenic East Coast into Triabunna.

Sunday and the peloton was keen to get rolling, only 99kms to the Police Academy. It was another glorious day, road users were considerate and patient, and riders acknowledged that courtesy whenever they could. As the group rolled into the Police Academy grounds, they were met by Allan, a young man with Down Syndrome, who has learnt over the years to ride his bike and was keen to show his skills. Allan took the front and led the peloton onto the parade ground to conclude the 2012 Tasmania Police Charity Trust Bike Ride.

The CEO of the Heart Foundation, Mr Graeme Lynch, personally participated in the Ride this year.  He stated that “It has been a privilege for the Heart Foundation to be a Charity Partner with Down Syndrome Tasmania, and … that leading the peloton into the Academy with Allan (‘a Bright Star’) and Constable Richard Douglas was very special”.

The 2012 Bike Ride was the 6th year that this event has been conducted, and each year it has grown from strength to strength. Commissioner of Police, Mr Darren Hine and Minister for Police and Emergency Management, Mr David O’Byrne, together with a Tasmania Police Charity Trust Board Member, Senator Stephen Parry, met the conclusion of the Bike Ride at the Police Academy.

Our appreciation is extended to all of those who contributed to this worthy cause ensuring the success of the event.  It is noted that all cyclists cover their own costs, so 100% of the monies raised go directly to the cause.  A total of $204,000 has been raised by the Annual Charity Trust Bike Ride and disbursed to worthy Tasmanian organisations since 2007.

(23-25 November 2012)