Kids Kick Start Targa

Kids Kick Start Targa 2012 Completed Event images The Tasmania Police Charity Trust was once again proud to be involved with the annual Kids Kick Start Targa event in April 2012.

This is the 6th time that Sergeant John Parker has been involved with the coordination of the event together with Country Club Tasmania.

The Country Club provides a fabulous venue for this event, in which Targa participants volunteer their time and their Targa vehicles to drive eighty disadvantaged children around a circuit.  The children attending on the day are given a ‘ride of their lives’.

Tasmania Police also support the event by providing a marked vehicle in the ‘drive’, where the children receive a real thrill by engaging with police, whilst experiencing the lights and sirens in action.

All the children attending on the day receive a showbag full of goodies, which this year featured D’Anvers chocolates.

Sergeant Fiona Smith and her famous labradoodle ‘Teddy’ added to the fun by also attending on the day.

(April 2012)