Support to Appin Hall

Appin Hall Children's Foundation - chicken enclosure constructed from Charity Trust donationThe Tasmania Police Charity Trust recognises the dedication and commitment of Mr Ronnie Burns and his wife Maggie, in providing a safe and happy healing environment for children, at their Appin Hall Children’s Foundation Respite Centre near Cradle Mountain.

Not only do they extend compassion to children in need, but they provide the facilities to allow children to have fun and learn whilst they are at the centre.  In this regard, Mr Ronnie Burns sought the Trust’s support for funding to assist an agricultural education program.  The idea of the program is that children staying at Appin Hall will be able to learn self-sustainability – how to propagate seeds, grow organic fruits and vegetables, how to care for chickens and how to use fresh produce to cook meals in the Respite Centre kitchens.

The Tasmania Police Charity Trust were pleased to approve funding of a $3,000 chicken enclosure, suitable for over 20 chickens.  Within just a few weeks of extending the donation, Mr Burns had organised for the enclosure to be built.  The photo attached shows Mr Burns with children from Young Carers Camp (South) pictured in front of the newly built chicken enclosure.

The Tasmania Police Charity Trust was pleased to be able to support such a multifaceted project – a project which not only supports children in need, but allows then to learn skills for life.

(January 2012)