Assistance to Toby Neilson

Three year old Toby Neilson, recipient of Tasmania Police Charity Trust donation in July 2013Sergeant Nigel Sheahen brought the Neilson family to the attention of the Tasmania Police Charity Trust (the Trust) in 2012.

Three year old Toby Neilson suffers from severe cerebral palsy and many other complex health issues, and requires 24-hour supervision.

At the time of coming into contact with the Trust, Toby required a motorised wheelchair, and his family were worried about modifications to the family home, and Toby’s growth and mobility needs.

In mid-2013, the Trust had pleasure in extending a $2,500 donation towards the cost of a motorised wheelchair for Toby.

Unfortunately, since then, the family has been struck by the terrible news that Toby’s father has inoperable cancer and they have since had to sell their family home due to medical expenses.

In July 2013, the community of Somerset rallied to support the Neilson family, and Toby’s grandfather recently walked from Somerset to Hobart to raise funds for a wheelchair accessible van.

The Trust is mindful of the plight of the Neilson family, and commends the Somerset community for the way they have supported this family in need.

Updates on Toby’s progress can be found on the Neilson family’s Facebook page.

(July 2013)