Assistance to Robert Humberdross

Charity Trust recipient of assistance Robert HumberdrossThe Tasmania Police Charity Trust has had pleasure in assisting Mr Robert Humberdross, in a collaborative effort with the City of Burnie Lions Club.

Mr Humberdross is a single leg amputee who required a means by which to provide for a better quality of life. He wished to increase his independence and access to social interaction, and provide for a means of effective exercise to maximise a healthier way of living.

He considered that a hand-cycle would provide all of those benefits, and this was confirmed through an assessment by an expert in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and chronic pain management. This expert advice confirmed that a hand-cycle would be appropriate and that indeed Robert would be able to manage this form of exercise.

The City of Burnie Lions Club and the Tasmania Police Charity Trust collaborated to identify the most suitable type of cycle; being a hand-crank, three-wheeled cycle in the form of a ‘Quickie Shark S’. It was confirmed that Robert would be able to ride the cycle by use of his upper body strength, and that the framework design was also suitable.

The hand-cycle cost $9,578; the Tasmania Police Charity Trust donating $1,750 and the City of Burnie Lions Club donating the balance.

Robert has now taken delivery of his new hand-cycle and was the special guest at a recent dinner attended by Constable Richard Douglas, Lions President and NW Trustee of the Tasmanian Lions Foundation, Mr John Medwin, and Vice District Governor for Lions Tasmania, Michael MacLaren.

The Tasmania Police Charity Trust wish Robert many happy miles of cycling, and wish him well in his endeavours to increase his fitness and increase his quality of life and wellbeing.

(March 2014)