Traffic Tuesday

Traffic Tuesday is a Tasmania Police initiative, developed for state-wide use and aimed at reducing serious and fatal crashes by enhancing driver behaviour through education.

#1 – Traffic Lights #2 – Seatbelts
 Graphic: Traffic Tuesday: Traffic Lights  Graphic Traffic Tuesday Seatbelts Save Lives
#3 – Zipper  #4 – Single Continuous White Line
Traffic Tuesday graphic - Zipper  Traffic Tuesday Graphic Single Continuous White Line
#5 – Roundabout Rules  #6 – Keep Left Unless Overtaking
Traffic Tuesday graphic - Roundabout Rules  Traffic Tuesday graphic - Keep Left Unless Overtaking
#7 – Unregistered Vehicles  #8 – Eyes on the Road
Traffic Tuesday graphic - Unregistered Vehicle  Traffic Tuesday graphic Eyes On The Road
#9 – Vehicle Defects  #10 – Car Dash Cams
Traffic Tuesday graphic Vehicle Defects Traffic Tuesday Graphic - Car Dash Cams
#11 – Bicycle Helmets  #12 – Don’t Speed Being Overtaken
Traffic Tuesday Bicycle Helmets graphic Traffic Tuesday graphic - Don't Speed Up While Being Overtaken
#13 – Stop doesn’t mean slow down  #14 – Indicator, Use It
Traffic Tuesday graphic STOP  Traffic Tuesday graphic - Indicators
#15 – Recap  #16 – Manage Your Right Foot
Traffic Tuesday Recap Graphic  
#17 – Car Doors #18 – Unsecured Loads
Traffic Tuesday Car Door Safety graphic  Traffic Tuesday graphic Unsecured Loads
#19 – Fog Lights #20 – Registration Reminder
Traffic Tuesday Fog Lights graphic Traffic Tuesday Registration Reminder graphic
#21 – Mobile Phones #22 – Tailgating
Traffic Tuesday graphic Mobile Phones  Traffic Tuesday Tailgating Graphic
#23 – Cutting Corners  #24 – Left Turn Right Turn Only
Traffic Tuesday Cutting Corners graphic  Traffic Tuesday graphic Left Turn Right Turn Only
#25 – Drive Safely #26 – Truck Safety
Traffic Tuesday graphic Drive Safely Traffic Tuesday Truck Safety graphic
#27 – New Evade Laws  #28 – Top Three Tips Recap
Traffic Tuesday graphic new evade laws  Traffic Tuesday Recap Top Three Tips
#29 – Pedestrian Lights  #30 – Fatigue
Traffic Tuesday Pedestrian Lights graphic  Traffic Tuesday graphic Powernap
#31 – Avoid Animals on Road #32 – Parking Tickets
Traffic Tuesday graphic Avoid Animals On Road  
#33 – Caravans  #34 – Brake Pedal
Traffic Tuesday Caravans graphic Traffic Tuesday graphic Brake Pedal
#35 – New Year Rego Reminder #36 – Bus Lanes
 Traffic Tuesday graphic - Bus Lanes
#37 – Painted Traffic Islands #38 – Traffic Congestion 
Traffic Tuesday graphic Painted Traffic Islands  Traffic Tuesday graphic for Traffic Congestion
#39 – Car Seats  #40 – Motorcycle Lane Filtering
Traffic Tuesday graphic Car Seats Traffic Tuesday infographic for motorcycle lane filtering
#41 – Restrain dogs on vehicles  #42 – Have you seen our 40 posts
Traffic Tuesday graphic - restrain dogs on utes  Traffic Tuesday graphic 40 posts wrap up so far
#43 – Roadworks reduced speed limits #44 – Emergency Vehicles
Traffic Tuesday infographic for Roadworks reduced speed limits  Traffic Tuesday infographic Emergency Vehicles
#45 – Headlights #46 – Safely sharing the road with trucks
Traffic Tuesday graphic - headlights  Traffic Tuesday graphic - Safely sharing the road with trucks

#47 – Amber traffic lights or traffic lights not working at an intersection

#48 – Make sure you have the right coloured lights fitted

#49 – You must always give ways to buses

#50 – Roundabout rules explained


#51 – Don’t be an inattentive driver

 #52 – Do you know the rules about making a U-turn?


#53 – Understanding parking at uncontrolled intersections

 #54 – Did you know minor crashes can be reported online?

Understanding parking at uncontrolled intersection graphic  Did you know minor crashes can be reported online?

#55 – Which direction should you go?

#56 – When you see the red man at the traffic lights…STOP!

When you see a traffic arrow in the lane you're driving in which direction should you go?  #56 - When you see the red man at the traffic lights...STOP!

#57 – If you see a Random Breath Testing site

 #58 – Traffic congestion can be frustrating

#57 - If you see a Random Breath Testing site, please don't be tempted to warn others on social media  #58 - Traffic congestion can be frustrating