#1 – Traffic Lights

#1 – Tuesday, 4 October 2016 – Traffic Lights

Graphic: Traffic Tuesday: Traffic LightsIt really is this simple…

Disobeying a Controlled Traffic Intersection (traffic lights) puts drivers, other motorists and pedestrians at risk of being involved in a crash.

A driver approaching or at traffic lights showing:

  • RED = stop. If a driver fails to stop, they face a fine of $140 and 3 Demerit Points.
  • YELLOW/AMBER = stop if safe to do so. If a driver fails to stop when they could have done so safely, they face a fine of $100 and 3 Demerit Points.

A number of fatal and serious crashes occurring at Controlled Traffic Intersections could have been avoided if motorists had obeyed the Traffic Control Signals.

Inattention and fatigue are common reasons why motorist have proceeded unlawfully through a Controlled Traffic Intersection, which are among the Fatal Five contributing factors to Serious and Fatal Crashes in Tasmania.

Slow down, stop, and arrive alive – the lights won’t be red/yellow for long.