#16 – Manage Your Right Foot

#16 – Tuesday, 02 May 2017 – Manage Your Right Foot

Manage your time, and your right foot!

Speeding – it’s really not worth it – do you realise what’s at risk and how little time you save?

Picture this…

The road from Hobart to Launceston is around a 200km journey

You don’t drive at one consistent speed all the way – but let’s say for a minute that you do…

> If you drove at the maximum speed limit of 110km/h for the entire journey it would take you 1.49 hours.

> If you exceeded the speed limit and drove at 130km/h for the entire journey it would take you 1.32 hours.

17minutes… that’s all you would save… is 17 minutes really worth it?
– Is it worth a fine of 3 points and $150?
– Is it worth a car crash?
– Is it worth killing or injuring yourself or someone else?
– Is it worth going to prison?

Manage your time and your right foot and please don’t speed.