#25 – Drive Safely

It’s a difficult topic and not an easy conversation to have – but if you’re worried about the driving ability of a friend or family member, discussing your concerns with them is a good place to start.

We appreciate the need for people to have access to transport, but sometimes a driver needs to make some changes, now or in the future, to be able to drive safely.

  • If you think you are having trouble driving and aren’t feeling safe it might be time to consider if you should be driving. This may be due to aging, or impairment by way of health or acquired disability. You may not have to lose your licence altogether, it may be restricted so you can stay on the road in a limited capacity – which is safer for yourself and others.
  • If you think a person shouldn’t be driving for the same reasons consider discussing the matter with them, their doctor, carer, Registrar of Motor Vehicles, or the police.

Some helpful resources can be found on the TransportTas website:



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