#4 – Single Continuous White Line

#4 – Tuesday, 15 November 2016 – Single Continuous White Line

Traffic Tuesday Graphic Single Continuous White Line

Failing to obey Single Continuous Lines is a serious safety breach of the road rules. This will be policed heavily over the coming months.

If you are on a road with a single continuous dividing line:

– drive to the left of the lines
– drive as close to the left side of the road as you can.

You CAN:
– cross to turn from or into another road.
– cross to turn from or into an area like a driveway or carpark.
– cross to pass a bike rider if safe to do so.
– cross to avoid a hazard if safe to do so.

– cross to change lanes.
– cross to overtake another vehicle.
– cross to do a u-turn.

Further info is available on the RSAC Tasmania Misunderstood Road Rules webpage.