Marine Offences

On the evening of Tuesday 26 June 2012 Hobart Marine and Rescue Personnel conducted an inspection of a load of commercially caught black lip abalone.  The abalone were in the process of being delivered to a Hobart abalone processing factory.

Whilst checking the 210kg of abalone, police discovered 46 abalone that were under the legal size limit.

On the morning of Friday 29 June 2012 Marine and Rescue personnel conducted an inspection of the same abalone processing factory, and located a further 8 undersized black lip abalone. 

A 50 year old male commercial diver has been interviewed by Marine and Rescue Police in relation to taking and possessing the undersized abalone. 

The male will be proceeded against by Summons for the offences of Taking and Possessing undersized abalone, as well as a paperwork offence. The special penalties relating to these matters amount to $7,560 with 58 demerit points (200 demerit points result in the loss of the abalone licence). This will be in addition to any fines imposed upon conviction.


On the 30 June 2012 as a result of an ongoing Marine Offences investigation a 32 year old Bridport man was interviewed in relation to the sale of recreationally caught Rock Lobster.

Police allege that in September 2011 he exchanged 9 Southern Rock Lobster that he had personally taken for several cartons of beer at the rear of the Bridport Hotel.

The man was advised he would receive a summons for the offence of Selling Recreationally Taken Fish and upon conviction could receive fines exceeding $2250.00.

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