Report Dangerous Driving

Tasmania Police are out on the roads every single day enforcing the road rules, and members of the public are urged to do their part to help police keep our roads safe for all motorists.

Members of the public are encouraged to report dangerous driving incidents witnessed on Tasmanian roads, to Tasmania Police.

Dangerous driving incidents currently unfolding should be reported if safe to do so to police by phoning 131 444. In a life-threatening emergency phone Triple Zero (000).

Dangerous driving incidents which have been recorded by dashcam or mobile phone, can be later reported via a secure online portal to Tasmania Police at – or by clicking the button below.

Note, when a person submits a recording to police, they may be requested to provide a witness statement, and give evidence in court. 

  • When you upload a video/image you can add a caption. You can add in the details of where and when the event took place.
  • Please include the date, time, and location where the evidence is captured in the optional caption box below your submission, if an offence is disclosed and the driver can be identified by registration number or investigation Tasmania Police will contact you.
  • If the footage isn’t on your phone, you will need to forward the unique URL to your PC or type the unique URL you are texted into the web browser on your PC to upload from your PC.

Click here to report dangerous driving