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The Party Safe Program provides education and support to members of the community intending to hold a party. The Program aims to promote responsible organisation and conduct of parties in order to minimise the potential for harm to persons and property. One aspect of the Program involves the registration of parties with Tasmania Police.

Registration of a party provides Tasmania Police with the necessary details in the event we are called to deal with an incident at your party. The capacity of police to undertake patrols of party venues or to visit a party venue in the event of trouble will depend on other demands and priorities on Tasmania Police resources at the time and the nature of the incident.

Registering your party does not mean that it is an invitation for the police to come into your home. Police will not attend a registered party unless there is a specific request to do so. This request is not restricted to someone from the party but may include a third party, such as a neighbour or concerned parent; or if it is in the public interest in order to maintain community order and safety.

Party registrations should be provided to police seven days prior to the event.

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol to Youths (Police Offences Act 1935) legislation regulates the supply of alcohol to people under 18 years, on private property.