Tasmania Police continues to tackle crime

Targeting offences through our Statewide Crime Response Plan continues to be a priority of Tasmania Police.


Assistant Commissioner Glenn Frame said today that crime is a whole of community issue.


“Tasmania Police is a key stakeholder in making the community safe and reducing crime, but we can only achieve this by working together,” he said.


The Annual Corporate Performance Report 2016-17 and the Crime Statistics Supplement 2016-17 released today show that in 2016-17, total crime increased by 9.4% statewide. This follows 10.4% decrease statewide in the previous financial year.


Likewise, there was a 10.6% increase in serious crime in the past 12 months. This followed a 3.3% decrease in serious crime in the previous financial year.


“Tasmania is a safe place. We have one of the lowest crime rates in the country, with Tasmania recording the lowest or equal lowest victim rate in the country for the majority of offence categories in 2016, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics released last month,” Assistant Commissioner Frame said.


“Tasmania Police also cleared 84.2% of serious crime last year (including 100 % clearance rate for murder) – so while crime is occurring, we’re solving the matters too.


“Crime rates do fluctuate due to criminal group trends and the activities of a small number of high volume offenders, but what’s important to remember is that the overall crime rate over the past 17 years has decreased significantly,” Assistant Commissioner Frame said.


Over the last 17 years, reported crime offences reduced from approximately 64,000 per year, to about 25,000 per year (5 year average 2011-16).


On a positive note, home burglaries have decreased by 18.3% statewide and there was a 33.6% increase in serious drug offenders being charged.


In terms of road policing, there was a 2.9% decrease in serious crashes, 18.9% decrease in fatal crashes, 5.5 % increase in high risk traffic offences and 4.3% in speeding offences.

The number of public order incidents fell by 3.1% (511 incidents), with public place assaults also decreasing by 2.5% (21 incidents).


Tasmania will continue to focus on tackling crime with its statewide Crime Response Plan.


Across Districts we’re implementing:

  • High visibility and covert patrols to lock down and saturate suburbs where burglaries and motor vehicle theft has increased.
  • Successful targeting of repeat offenders who are responsible for multiple offences.
  • Collaborative engagement with local government and business on safety and security messaging.
  • Community security messaging via social media, and mail-outs of security advice.


Assistant Commissioner Frame said that the current environment posed several challenges to policing practices, such as the impact of technological advancements which has introduced a whole new crime category of “cybercrime”, the impact of terrorism particularly with the way we ensure public safety during public events, and the impact of tourism on policing.


“Tasmania Police will continue to work proactively to tackle crime in our community.”