Tasmania Police are committed to improving traffic law compliance and safety on the roads in order to reduce road trauma and reassure the community of their commitment to public safety.

During the 2010-11 reporting period, reductions were recorded in both the number of fatal and serious injury crashes and the number of people who were fatally or seriously injured on Tasmanian roads.

Road Safety efforts and initiatives include the deployment of:

  • specially marked high-visibility police vehicles on Tasmanian roads to provide a highly-visible deterrent to inappropriate driver behaviour
  • high-visibility traffic operations specifically aimed at increasing police visibility on highways and major arterial roads to improve traffic law compliance
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras identifying vehicles of interest, and
  • road safety cameras and other speed detection devices aimed at reducing excessive speeding, which has been shown to significantly contribute to fatal and serious crashes.

Members of the public are reminded to drive to the conditions, ensuring they are alert and pay attention at all times.

A number of other safety actions that can be taken by motorists include:

  • pay attention to road warning signs that display hazardous conditions
  • drive with headlights on at times of poor visibility
  • ensure your windscreen is clean and demisted and wiper blades are in good condition
  • ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and the tyres are in good condition and correctly inflated, and
  • leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you.

Pedestrians are reminded that when crossing the road they should use the approved crossings at traffic lights, walkways and/or designated pedestrian crossings.