Firearms Services

The Firearms Act 1996  and Firearms Regulations 2006 provide for the regulation, registration and control of firearms in Tasmania.

The Act came into force following the tragic events which occurred at Port Arthur on 28 April 1996, following a national agreement that the laws relating to the control of firearms should be consistent across Australia.

The administration of the Act and Regulations is the responsibility of the Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Management.  Firearms Services is a unit within this department that has responsibility for firearms licensing, registration and administration in Tasmania.

This site is designed to provide current and prospective firearms licence holders and firearms dealers with a reference point for the requirements relating to firearms licensing and registration in Tasmania.

Latest news

November 2016 – Amendments to firearms storage requirements <click here for special circular>

October 2016 – Firearms Services has updated information on this website.  The site now provides advice on a wide range of firearms issues and includes links to the most commonly requested application forms, legislation and other reference information.

Further information will continue to be added to the site, including important updates, a FAQs section and information for dealers.

Meanwhile people are encouraged to use the site as the first point of reference for inquiries relating to firearms registration and licensing in Tasmania.

Contact details

Firearms Services is located within the Hobart Police Headquarters complex at 37-43 Liverpool Street.  Enquiries can be directed to Firearms Services via:

Firearms Services
Tasmania Police
GPO Box 308

Phone: (03) 6173 2720

Permanent Amnesty – Surrender of firearms

Section 129 of the  provides for a permanent amnesty in relation to handing firearms in to a police station.  If you bring a firearm to a police station for surrendering, no action will be taken against you in respect to any offence relating to the unauthorised possession of the firearm.

You may also surrender an unregistered or unauthorised firearm to any licensed firearm dealer for safekeeping while you apply for a licence and/or registration, for on-sale or for permanent surrender. Be aware, there may be some types of firearms you may not be able to acquire. Refer to Surrender of firearms by unauthorised people for further information.