Retired Police Association of Tasmania

RPAT Photorgraph Fleming and GristPresidents Report – ‘On Track in 2015’

Hi fellow members. I hope that you all had a great Christmas and New Year and your wishes for 2015 were fulfilled.

I advise that your Committee Members and positions are the same as last year, with the exception of the position of Treasurer. Dale Watson resigned his position as Treasurer and that position has now been filled by Steve Collidge. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Dale’s efforts over the past three years in that role and thank him on behalf of all members for his time and efforts in what is often a thankless role.

At the beginning of 2014, I outlined a number of things that I, with the help of the Committee, would strive to achieve. I have listed some of those items and the positive outcomes below:

  1. Better communications and unity between the Committee, Members of the RPAT and the Police Association of Tasmania – this goal has been achieved with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) being signed with not only the Police Association of Tasmania (PAT) but also Tasmania Police, consolidating our strong links with both organisations.
  2. To continue the membership growth of the RPAT – I am very happy to report that the RPAT membership has risen considerably and now sits at 461 members.
  3. Endeavour to establish a network of retired officers in the three geographical areas, to assist members of the Committee, in visiting their friends, families and colleagues who are either experiencing health problems or are finding it hard to cope financially or otherwise – another positive outcome as a result of the three (3) Vice Presidents having been able to assist members through their ability to network.
  4. Members in need of assistance can be advised and guided to organisations that may be able to assist in their time of need – another success in so much that members who have asked for help received it where possible.
  5. The production and sale of Identification Cards to members – I can report that the take up of the identification Cards has been overwhelming and has more than offset our initial costs in this regard.
  6. A request to members to contact committee people within their region if they have any ideas to put forward that will enhance the Retired Police Association of Tasmania and its members – this has also been achieved in so much that a number of members put forward their ideas to the committee to take up on their behalf.

Positive feedback has been received in relation to the Committee’s management of the affairs of the RPAT. Over and above the achievements I have mentioned previously the committee, through the Secretary Syd McClymont, has been successful in negotiating the granting of the National Police Service Medal (NPSM) and the Commissioner’s Integrity Medal.

As you would be aware, a number of members have already been presented with their Commissioner’s Integrity Medal at the AGM and Luncheon at the Police Academy, Rokeby on 2 December 2014, in the presence of some 115 members. The Commissioner of Police, Mr Darren Hine, officiated on this occasion.

The presentation of the National Police Service Medal (NPSM) to those members who fulfil the criteria is yet to be finalized.

On Monday 8 December 2014, the Secretary and I, with a number of other retired members attended a medal presentation at Barossa Park Lodge, Clydesdale Avenue, Glenorchy where the recipient of the Commissioner’s Integrity Medal was Mr Keith Harper. Keith is suffering from dementia. The presentation was very moving with the Commissioner of Police, Mr Darren Hine, officiating in the presence of Keith’s family.

On Wednesday 10 December 2014, I attended the 15th Anniversary of the AGM and Luncheon at the Riverside Golf Club, Launceston. Some 81 members enjoyed the day. There were 12 apologies. A number of members were presented with the Commissioner Integrity Medal by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr Scott Tilyard. Thanks to Jim Byrne, Northern Vice President, and his wife Geraldine for organising the function. Jim had arranged for a 15th Anniversary cake with the RPAT Badge. The cake was cut by Joy Grist, the oldest attending female member, at 92. I also note that Lloyd Luckie, at 93 was also in attendance, and we can all hope for such a long and happy retirement.

Award at Graduation Ceremonies

RPAT Communications Award ShieldOn 26 April 2014, the Secretary wrote to the Commissioner of Police, Mr Darren Hine, advising that at a recent meeting agreement was reached that the RPAT would like to make available a suitable trophy or prize to a graduating probationary Constable at Graduation Parades. It was suggested that Academy staff may give the matter some thought and come up with an appropriate award and the category for which it should be presented. The idea for this award was originally put forward by one of our committee members Andy Beasant.

On 3 December 2014, the Secretary was advised by the Academy that the RPAT Communication Award perpetual shield had been delivered at a cost of $225.00.

I was asked to present the award at the presentation for Trainee Course 1/2014 on 18 December 2014 at the Academy auditorium. The recipient of the Inaugural Award was graduating Constable Mikayla Absolom.

Constitutional Changes

At the AGM on 2 December 2014, The Secretary presented a range of changes to the Constitution to the members for consideration. Each section was read with a vote being taken after debate. Each section was individually approved. Upon conclusion it was moved by Mr Andy Beasant and seconded by Mr Barry Mc Donald that all amendments be accepted.

David J Fleming