12 year old child detected driving at 122kmh

A 12 year old girl has been detected driving at 122kmh on Illawarra Main Road in the State’s north.


On Saturday night at 10.37pm, police detected a speeding vehicle travelling at 122km/h on Illawarra Road.
The vehicle was intercepted on Youl Road, Perth, and police were shocked to discover the driver was a 12 year old girl.


A 21 year old man and a 16 year old girl were passengers in the vehicle.


The girl was charged and bailed for false name and driving offences.


Sgt Phil Summers, of Deloraine Police, said that more than half of all fatalities occur on country roads.


“This is a terrible example of a flagrant disregard for safety not only of the driver, but all other road users.  This incident could very well have ended in tragedy,” Sgt Summers said.


“This is a timely reminder to the public on the dangers of speed over the Christmas period and the manner in which instances such as this will be treated by Tasmania Police who will be out in force over the festive period.”