16-year-old motorcyclist caught travelling at 148km/hr near Lebrina

A teenager has had his motorcycle confiscated and will be proceeded against in the youth justice system after being caught travelling at 148km/hr on Golconda Road, near Lebrina.

Police intercepted the motorcycle, which was being ridden by a 16-year-old male learner motorcyclist shortly before 8am today.

“As a learner the rider is limited to travelling at a maximum speed of 80km/hr. This incident meant he was exceeding his speed limit by 68km/hr,” said Sergeant Terry Reaney.

“The road surface was damp at the time, making conditions slippery and unpredictable, particularly for an inexperienced road user.”

“The rider has had his motorcycle confiscated for 28 days and he will appear in court at a later date.”

“Police would like to remind road users, especially those with less experience, about the importance of complying with their licence restrictions for their own safety and that of other innocent road users.”