17 year old driver detected speeding 58kmh over the limit

A 17 year old novice driver has had his vehicle clamped and will be summonsed to appear in court after being detected travelling at 58kmh over the speed limit.


Police on mobile patrol detected a black Holden utility travelling at 148kph on Bridport Road, Pipers Brook about 12.45pm today.


The vehicle was intercepted, and the driver was found to be a 17 year old novice P1 licence holder from Launceston. The driver had only held his licence for 19 days at the time of this offence.


As a P1 driver he was restricted to 90kph in the 100kph zone. He was also travelling with a teenage female passenger.


The vehicle was clamped, and the driver will be summonsed to court. He faces a significant period of disqualification in addition to up to $1500 in fines and penalties.


“Speeding is a well-known risk factor in serious and fatal road crashes,” said Senior Constable Tammi Lambert.


“Tasmania Police is always working hard with the community to educate drivers of the risks created by excessive speed.


To see someone so inexperienced choose to drive this way, is disappointing given the significant risk that he not only placed himself under, but his passenger and all other road users.”


Anyone who witnesses dangerous driving behaviour should contact Police on 131444 with as many details as possible, such as registration number, colour and make of the vehicle, time and location.