AFP withdrawal from Hobart Airport

Tasmania Police have been advised that Australian Federal Police will no longer have a presence at the Hobart Airport.

“The 27 AFP officers on site will be withdrawn in the coming months. The impact for Tasmania Police is that we will now provide the policing service for the airport site,” said the Commissioner of Police, Darren Hine.

“Hobart Airport will be incorporated into our response model, where incidents are prioritised and resources are deployed in a timely manner according to the incident or demand for policing services.

“The airport will also be included in routine police patrols. However there will not be a permanent Tasmania Police presence at Hobart Airport,” said Mr Hine.

“This is the model in place for the police response to incidents at other Tasmanian airports.

“Tasmania Police will also transition to takeover responsibility as first responders to emergency incidents at the airport.

“This will require additional upskilling in the emergency management responsibilities under Commonwealth legislation,” said Mr Hine.