Boating Incident St Helens Barway

At approximately 0810am on Monday 29/12/2014 a recreational vessel was crossing the St Helens Barway heading to Burns Bay when it was struck by large breaking waves causing the vessel to capsize.

Another vessel witnessed the incident and raised the alarm; a nearby vessel assisted three people from the water and they were conveyed to the Burns Bay boat ramp.

A search was conducted by police using recreational vessels for a fourth person who was the skipper of the boat.  The St Helens Police vessel POLSAR III, the PV Van Diemen and the St Helens Volunteer Marine Rescue unit were heading to the area to assist with the search.

The man was found unconscious and CPR was commenced.  The man was treated by Ambulance at the Burns Bay boat ramp but was not able to be revived.  The deceased man is 45 years old from Campbell Town.  All the people on board the vessel were wearing Personal Flotation devices.

An investigation will be conducted for the Coroner and also Marine and Safety Tasmania.

Tasmania Police would like to thank all those who helped the occupants of the capsized vessel, and would like to remind all boat users to be aware of local weather conditions and boat safety at all times when using the water.


Justin Bidgood

Senior Sergeant

St Helens Marine Services