Bridgewater police cracking down on illegal motorbikes

Police in Bridgewater have seized five motorbikes in the past week as part of a targeted crackdown on anti-social and illegal riding of trail bikes and motorised pushbikes in the greater Bridgewater area.

Police have been using a range of resources including search and rescue trail bikes and drones as part of the response, and several offenders have been identified and are being proceeded against.

The offences include evading police, unlawful possession and traffic offences.

Inspector Philippa Burk said two of the recovered motorbikes had been reported as stolen, and most offenders were youths aged between 12 and 16.

“We want to make it clear to these riders that the community and police need this dangerous behaviour to stop,” she said.

“Police will continue to actively target this dangerous riding behaviour and will continue to seize bikes and prosecute offenders.”

“We’re seriously concerned about the way these bikes are being ridden, and when possible, we’ll be seeking to have them permanently forfeited.”

Dangerous riding behaviour can be reported immediately to police on 131 444, or Triple Zero (000) in an emergency or life-threatening situation.

If matters cannot be reported at the time, video evidence can be uploaded to the evidence portal at